The Fine Print

I really don't feel the need to go through all of the technolegal mumbo jumbo. So here it is.

This is my blog. Period. These are my opinions. Period. Period.

No forms of endorsements, compensation, or anything of the sort will alter my opinion.

With that being said, there are times where I may receive compensation, endorsement, or some type of benefit for posts that I make. I will make it very clear that this is the case. All of the opinions given in that post, good or bad, are still 100% my own.

As stated in my All About Me page, I am an Education Consultant for Usborne Books and More.. Some of the posts may be about books and items that I sell through Usborne. I will make it very clear in those posts that you will be linking to my e-commerce site and that I will receive a commission if you purchase from that link. Once again, this will not alter the opinion given in my post.

Any questions about this disclosure should be directed at Antonisha at ninipolite [at] gmail [dot] com.