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Usborne Books and More provides high quality, educational books for children aged newborn to young adults. We showcase our books through home shows, book fairs, fundraisers, read-a-thons, and grant matching programs for schools, libraries, and other organizations.

We have kit specials every month that will allow you to start your business with minimum investment. Contact me today to find out how.

Usborne Books and More Informational Business Call
Click here to listen to an informational call about joining Usborne Books and More. This call is over 40 minutes long but it has all of the details about reasons for starting an Usborne business, the different marketing avenues for running your business, compensation plans, and more.

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love My Usborne Business

1. There are no minimums. I don't have to worry about meeting a quota, so I don't have to order until my customers do.

2. The hours are flexible.. Because of reason #1, I can work when and how often I want to. I love being able to schedule around my family's activities.

3. I have extra cash on hand. I am able to stay at home with my son and still contribute to my family's income without being locked into a 9-to-5 job. And, I can give myself a raise anytime I want: the more I work, the more I earn.

4. I don't have to maintain an inventory. I'm not storing other people's products until they buy them. I'm simply showing them what my family already uses every day.

5. I get to meet all kinds of interesting people.. I've made lots of new friends, both on my team and at Usborne events like home shows, book fairs, and booths.

6. I have built up an incredible home library for my family. We have a variety of wonderful books, and I have never paid retail price for any of them.

7.  I am promoting products I love.. I never feel guilty about asking someone to purchase products that will benefit their children. I'm not just making money, I'm encouraging literacy as well.

8. Usborne allows me to keep my priorities in line.. I don't have to sacrifice my family time to receive income.. Balance eliminates guilt..

9. I receive lots of awards and recognition. Usborne is generous with many "pats on the back." Besides public recognition, I receive free books, charms, and other prizes on a regular basis. Plus, I have lots of chances to win cash and exotic vacations.

10. I am my own boss, but I have plenty of support. I choose when and how I work, but I also have an up line of friends who care about my success. I receive personal training and benefit from being part of a team.

For more information about Usborne products or the opportunity, please feel free to contact me at ninipolite [at] gmail [dot] com. 

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